Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 2, 2016

Must be Spring!

dafs 2016

Driving by the Summit way too fast the other day, I had to turn around and get this pic for you.  Daffodils in February!   ‘Spose to have a tease of snow Sunday or Monday – but not too promising! We’ll welcome that rain, too!

The Summit?  Oh, back in the days when owned by Wayne and Shirley Thompson, it was called “Thompson’s Summit Grove”.  The word ‘Summit’ went back to the late 1930’s/early 40’s when the South Grade was being built and East Grade was punched through to the top.  About the time Crestline was extended from the Lodge, down to where the FD is now.  It was all about those roads meeting up at “The Summit”.

Think you’ll find most of the ‘old timers’ refer to our little town, Mother’s Kitchen, the General Store and one of the smallest Post Offices in the country, The Summit.

On my way out to pick a nice bouquet for those escrow gals working overtime for Palomar these days!  Happy day everyone!

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