Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 28, 2016

Fire Department history buff?

fd druliner

One of our first volunteer fire captains, Bruce Druliner, dropped off a box that might have an interest to some history buffs out there.  The records go back to 1975.  It was fun to browse through and run across First Aid and CPR classes that I attended back in those early days (yes, I was old enough to take a CPR class, but thank you!).

I especially enjoyed a handwritten flyer by Bruce:


So you wanna be a volunteer?  If you are interested in joining the PMVFD, there are two capacities in which you may serve.  As an Auxiliary Member  … or want more action? Then you may wanna be Firefighter! …

Wonder how many volunteers we had over the years… and how many pies were baked?!???

Ok, who would like these records?   Just let me know.




  1. Hi Bonnie, Great info on the fire history. We have a fire truck from Palomar Mtn. – uniting the history in some fashion would be enjoyed by so many.

    Look forward to putting the pieces together.

    God Bless, Jerry Fisher

  2. Hi, Bonnie,

    During my tenure at the fire department I came across lots of old newspaper articles, flyers, photos, etc of our volunteers and the department. I even found the first ever BBQ flyer (1977). I’ve kept them in a file cabinet at the station. May I suggest that these treasures from Bruce Druliner be turned over to the department for safekeeping?

    Cliff Kellogg KJ6MTA

    • Sure Cliff! It’s yours! I have it here for you!

    • Hi Jerry, Cliff Kellogg was ahead of you by a day! He already picked it up and will keep it at the FD along with their other historical info. Guess they have quite a collection. 🙂

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