Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 15, 2016

Valentine Day Fun 2016


Hearts full of love on Palomar Mountain!

Just imagine!  This heart could be YOURS!  It is FREE with purchase!

I discovered it sitting by a tree at the Log Cabin in the Sky.  Maybe for you computer guys, we’ll call it Log Me Inn or the dreamers wanting to make your dreams come true: Log Cabin Castle…

Have YOU already visited the Log Cabin?  Give us a few more days and you will not believe the transformation with tree work and staging!

On a roll for all you Lovers out there!

Bonnie and her Cowboy, sitting by the fire…


  1. Dear Bonnie: I hope all this coverage sparks some great interest in the mountain, and interest in your real estate. We keep looking at your site for the tiny fixer we are hoping for…

    Sent from my iPhone, but not when I’m driving.


    • Thanks Eric. Need to load up on new listings!

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