Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 13, 2016

Tonight!!! Channel 10!

Joe Little Ch 8 - 7in

What a fun call today!  When I answered the phone, Channel 10 News Reporter extraordinaire, Joe Little said, “I’m sure you know why I am calling!”  He was so excited seeing the Caboose story in the Union Tribune, he just had to come up and do a story for tonight’s news on Channel 10!

Brand new neighbors, Mark and Maybelle LeMay, were up for a little mountain tour so they got to be a part of the clip, too.  Click to see!

Joe is sure a great guy and is looking forward to bringing his kids up for some fun time on Palomar.  He’s welcome ’round our fire, anytime!

The next owner of this Ranch with this charming Caboose will have some fun with today’s Union Tribune article and now 10 News making their caboose famous!!!

Who is next for a mountain tour?  Come on up!  I’ve got your ticket covered!!!

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  1. Bonnie, just love your site on here. You are one great girl. Good name too.

    • Thank you Bonnie Phelps! Isn’t it fun that we have the same name and are both Realtors and were both with Remax at the same time. And, (drum roll!!!) we’re both Grandmas, too!!! How fun is that!

  2. I saw that Robert, but got a call from someone who saw it air a second time. It is Friday night, I guess it is ok to let those guys go home after a busy day! Tomorrow is a big Train Show at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, so this story fit right in:

  3. No link to the caboose story as of 11:08 PM, but tomorrow is another day. Have a great evening. 🙂


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