Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 12, 2016

Tree is coming down!


After years of drought, we sure do have a lot of trees failing ’round the mountain.  Cedars die from the bottom, up.  Firs, from the top, down.  A few months ago, the very top of this tree caught my eye.  So sad!!!  Such a beautiful tree.  We have learned that once you see the top of a fir tree look like ‘Fall Colors’, it is just a matter of time and the entire tree dies.  The tops can snap right out of these trees and can become a dangerous situation.  With the Cabin Fever Vacation Rental right there, that tree is coming down today, hopefully before our Valentine weekend guests arrive.

Our local logger, plans a face cut and then should have it on the ground in just a few minutes.  He’ll be there about 3:30 if you’d like to watch: 22119 Crestline.  Pretty amazing to see in action. (Miss the cabin Nick, miss the cabin!)



  1. Postponed until Monday afternoon…. going, going …

  2. So did he miss the cabin? 🙂

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