Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 12, 2016

Every little click COUNTS!


Will YOU join us in upping the numbers to win this grant for Palomar?  Every little click COUNTS!  Great idea from Gina on the Fire Safe Council Board.  See her message below.

How many family members do you have that could ALL give us a daily click?  A click a day for $500.00 for Palomar!  Oh, come on, let’s do it!  (See the details at last week’s post Votes Needed for Fire Safe Grant.)  Please click and share!

From: Aven, Gina (RGP – RSC)

To:  Fire Safe Council Board

RE: Wildfire Community Preparedness Day Award

Hi All,

FYI, I’ve been voting daily for this and with everyone’s help we are currently at 77 votes!  There are only 10 others ahead of us with between 96 and 260 votes so our chances are very good.  I set up a recurring Outlook Calendar reminder through 2/28 so every day I get a reminder and this link takes me directly to the page and I click “Vote”.  It literally takes 10 seconds out of my day so if you are interested in doing the same, here is the link:  If just our little group votes every day between today and the 28th, that’s 119 more votes!


Gina Aven

Palomar Mountain Fire Safe Council




  1. Bonnie, I’m a little dense at times…..When I clicked through to vote, I got lost as to where to click to vote. Maybe add the word “here” to the “click to vote” area for those others who might be as dense as I.

    I’ll be posting the link to my FaceBook page.

    Betty Birdsell

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