Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 6, 2016

Rocks and 57 inches?!???


There are some pretty big rocks to watch out for with this storm.  Thanks to Rob Hawk who took this one on the South Grade.  We sure appreciate the County Road Station guys who maintain the mountain and Cal Trans who keeps Highway 76 in great shape for us.

Robert Carlyle noticed NOAA has upped the possible inches of snow for Palomar to a minimum of 37 and maybe as much as 57 inches over the next few days.  Ohmygoodness!!!  However, NOAA did predict snow last night, but we didn’t get it.  Only a dusting of slushy stuff in parts of the mountain. Time will tell.  Meanwhile, have your sleds ready!  🙂

Our gauge shows 3.7 inches of rain yesterday.  Lots to be thankful for on our thirsty mountain!




  1. Hi Bonnie, just wondered if u knew how S6 is coming up the mountain????? And if it has been blocked off at all or if anyone is making us put on chains????? Thanks

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    • S6 is fine now. Weekends and holidays the CHP usually has a chain requirement. You should be able to get up just fine today. Come on up Judy! 🙂

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