Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 4, 2016

20 to 33 inches of Snow?!?

100 snow

Wow!  If the weatherman is right, the minimum snow predicted this week will exceed our biggest snow fall last year, at 19 inches, over New Years.

So, here is a friendly reminder to make sure you have winterized;  your pipes are drained and there is antifreeze in the toilet bowls.  We keep lights on in our well sheds, too.

Residents and Property Owners:  Be sure to have a copy of your tax bill or electric bill for Palomar in your glove compartment.  Makes it much easier for the CHP to wave you through if the mountain is closed to ‘Residents Only’.  Family or guests coming up?  If they plan to arrive early in the morning, or after about 4:00, they will have a lot less drama getting up the mountain.  It is a good idea to email them info with a copy of your proof of residency, to show CHP if needed, too.

Friends-of-our-Snow:  You’ll need chains for sure.  A 4WD is the very best.

Snow Chains?  Here is a great deal on used ones with a lesson on how to put them on: SNOW CHAINS Snow Bird Enterprises New and Used Tire Chains, Buy-Sell-Trade-Repair, custom fitting 619 442-3767 or 0175  504 Macon Street (corner of Main and Macon) in El Cajon

Lots more snow info for you at Snow Tips and Pix

We’ll have the hot chocolate on!


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