Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 17, 2015

Barb’s Bookshelf Quilt at the Apple Festival

barbara anne waite author, quilt

Barb Waite will have her books at the Apple Festival Sunday with a backdrop of this very creative quilt.  Here is some info about it and be sure to stop by, see the work of art, and go home with her wonderful books.

From:  Barbara Anne Waite

This is the first quilt I have ever made. No pattern- just saw an idea on pinterest. Took photos of my book covers, my cat, a vintage photo of my mom and printed them on cloth.

The idea is a bookcase, featuring the two Elsie books. It is also a tribute to other parts of the world I have lived in or want to visit. Elsie brought me a tea towel in 1970 when she went to visit Wales and Jack’s remaining family- so that too, became a part of the quilt. A favorite piece of sea island cotton became the flower vase.

I could not have completed it without Palomar weekend neighbor, Lynda Ruth doing all the final putting it together.  It has a backing that is a dictionary that references fabric. Words are not enough to thank Lynda for the hours she gave to make it such a keepsake treasure.

I have now sold over 3,000 print of the first book and over 5,000 ebooks. They include some fun stories about mountain characters and hired help. The hired help includes the story of discovering they had hired an ax murderer to chop wood for them on Palomar!!!  Those were the days!

Looking forward meeting you on Sunday.

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