Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | July 25, 2015

Palomar Fire History Link back to 1917

Thanks to Peter for this cool info and link!

From: Peter

Some may be interested or curious about Palomar Mountain fire history. Connect to

Pan and zoom in on Palomar Mtn. The orange areas are a composite of mapped fires in this dataset, and one will see the extensive fire footprint on Palomar Mtn over time. Click on the ‘i within a circle’ button up top, move the cursor to a specific location and click on it.

A window opens leading one to the fire records for that specific location. Click into a fire record and a yellow overlay shows the extent of that specific mapped fire. This resource says it goes back to 1950 fire maps but for Palomar Mtn, I see fires mapped back to 1917 [at least].


……. Peter Brueggeman La Jolla, California USA peterbman(at)

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