Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 17, 2015

What is happening in Real Estate? Fun Story!

palomar mountain properties real estate bonnie phelps  Glad you asked!

2014 was pretty s l o w at times.  Our first new escrow for the year didn’t close until May!  Then it picked up a bit bringing 11 new owners up to this mountain on my shift.  (We need to get those new neighbors on the New Neighbor’s page!)

But fast forward to January with a drum roll:  2015 is really starting out nicely.  Kind of exciting – like the good old days!  Just closed our first three properties for the new year and have two more in escrow.  Wow!  Since the MLS records show only nine cabins and homes closed escrow in ’14, this is pretty special for the first two weeks!

At this very moment, there are only six active listings on the MLS.   Six!  This is the very lowest I’ve seen since the beginning of decade.  We’re down to about 25% of our peek.

Like to hear a fun story?  A little before Thanksgiving, one of the sellers called and asked that we expire their listing so they could take advantage of the great rates for a re-fi.  In less than an hour after I slipped their home off my website, I picked up a voice mail from Yuma, AZ.  This gentleman was wondering what happened to the home they been so attracted to on the website. “It’s not there anymore. Is it still available? We really love it. Can we see it?”  They came over from Arizona the next day and are now the new owners.  Then, three more calls rolled in inquiring about the same “home that was off the market’. (Maybe we should expire all the listings?!?)

And the showings have really picked up!  Had two today!  So, right this very minute we have quite a few anxious buyers looking for a great getaway… please keep sending those listings my way!  Meanwhile, I’ll get back to work on the two newest offerings.  One of them already sold before I could even get it up!  Take a peek here . More details on the way real soon!



  1. Thanks for the update Bonnie. I would like to come up & look around & get to know the area & Maybe see some of your listings. Maybe by then you’ll have a few more listings too!❤️

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