Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 25, 2014

Spinning Yarns and Swinging your Partner!

Cecelia Borland Palomar Mountain  Visited with the Borlands tonight over dinner.  Cecelia has her pioneer costume all ready to go again for this years Apple Festival.  She will be back with her sheep and goats for a little petting zoo.  And, have her spinning wheel, along with several other ‘Spinsters’!  It is fun watching the process of how yarn is made and just a little of the work that was involved for those gals back in the days… and still today, on Palomar Mountain!

But, when the square dance caller gets going, even those Spinsters get up and take a break!

Y’all come on up and swing your partner – or tap your foot on the sidelines.  It’s all Festival fun!

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