Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 27, 2014

Plumbing Poem for Cabins?

plea for our plumbing poem

Camping in the High Sierra’s, I came across this poem on the wall of an almost-out-house.  The plaque wasn’t for sale, so took the pic for you.  Sometimes the mountain septic systems have been a little taxed.  I’m thinking a version of this just may show up in some of the Vacation Rentals and cabins on our little mountain.  The rentals are non-smoking but have had issues with toys in the commode, (oh my!) so I took a little liberty:

Dear City Dwellers, whose lives entail

Plumbing Fixtures which seldom fail,

And sewer pipes which hold so much

You can grind your garbage and other such.

To you, who do not know the gripes

Of Septic Tanks and half inch pipes;

Lend your ears to one who knows

Your Mountain Cousin’s plumbing woes.

Our toilet business may look like you’n

But many things they just ain’t endurin’

Like “wet strength” towels and Kleenex, too

Bleach and other modern products, they do eschew.

Children’s toys create a rumble.

E’en too much tissue makes ’em grumble.

So City Dweller, don’t offend.

Treat Mountain Plumbing like a friend.


  1. Great, Bonnie!  We know of what they speak. Palomar Mounta

  2. Cute

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