Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | September 18, 2014

32 degrees cooler on Palomar!

kajsa peffer  It was 74 degrees yesterday when my husband, Don, left the mountain a little before noon.  An hour later he was in Escondido and his gauge showed 106!  Sure makes us appreciate being on the mountain these days!  It’s often 20 degrees cooler, but 32!?!??  Interesting weather these days!

Thanks to Kajsa Peffer, for sharing her beautiful photo of the sky above the Observatory, taken last Saturday.


  1. Thanks Bob, we have the perfect cabin waiting for you a mile nearer heaven!!

  2. Driving thru north Fallbrook yesterday (Tuesday), the outdoor temp was 105 degrees. Then rain hit — big drops too. Within minutes the indicated temp dropped to about 80 degrees and the humidity shot sky high and remained high into the evening. Save us a place on the mountain!

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