Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 25, 2014

Concert and Potluck tomorrow!


Just off the phone with Karina, she and her folks have arrived, and are ready for their concert tomorrow night.  YOU are invited!  Don’t you love their photo?  I found it on her Facebook, titled “The Usual Suspects”.  It was taken after a performance when they were still living in Mexico.

Munchies and mingle starting at 5:29, and the Concert at 6 pm, followed by the potluck!  Come one, come all!

At Round House Ranch – click for directions and more.  Hope you can join us!


  1. Bonny, Would you please post this for me:   Just a friendly reminder:  We mountain folk love our squirrelanators!  I always use caution when removing the ones who have failed their swimming test from the trap.  Today though, I had a flea jump off of one onto my arm.  It was smaller and lighter color than the common dog flea and obviously swam better then the squirrel did.  So be aware, it can happen.   Sharon Dall

  2. Lynda & I will be there and we will bringing 25 cupcake’s see you tomorrow night Gary & Lynda Lockard

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