Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 23, 2014

Look what arrived!


Recently I posted about the need one of our locals had to be able to have a computer.  (Here was that post: Do you have an extra computer?)  Within about 2 minutes, a call came in from a subscriber in Julian saying she didn’t have a computer but would like to donate a printer.  Then I spoke to someone planning a their move.  He said that she could have his nice desk top. But, the generosity of these people on Palomar doesn’t stop there….  an email soon arrived from a New Neighbor, saying that a brand new laptop would be dropped off at our place for her.  Wow.

It was very wonderful to sneak over, and drop this box off at her door.  What a pleasure and privilege to be a little ‘conduit’ in the wonderful things that come from this mountain.

A sincere thanks to you all.  She couldn’t really believe it happened – just like a very special Christmas!  That was a fun phone call to visit with her, so excited.  A brand new laptop will add so much ease to the work she is doing and open up the world.

Feeling blessed!



  1. Bonnie, You are the best ! Sincerely Mary Camper-Titsingh

  2. delightful post!

  3. AWESOME…you are an amazing “conduit” for God’s work. You father would be so proud of you. Hugs, Sandie

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