Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 16, 2014

A Look from the Lookout

Curt Waite and Boucher Lookout Fire Finder  Bill Cummings, Glenn Borland Fire Lookout  Glenn Borland Boucher Fire Lookout

When we saw a couple of these fires flare up this afternoon, we went to Boucher Lookout in the Palomar Mountain State Park.  Curt Waite, Glenn Borland, and Bill Cummings were on watch today. Glenn said it takes about 8 minutes to do a complete pan around the deck.  Now you can’t see a thing because the smoke is blocking the visibility.  Curt and Barb are here for supper with us.  He has his radio so it will be an interesting evening – always fun with Barb and Curt-the-Chairman-of-the-San-Diego-Riverside-Chapter-of-the-Forest-Fire-Lookout-Association!  Thankful for these Volunteers! Take care out there everyone!

051   Glenn Borland Boucher Fire Lookout   050

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