Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | May 6, 2014

Real Estate Update – Listings Needed!

Palomar Mountain Real Estate Bonnie Phelps

Our first new neighbors for 2014 escrows, closed last week.  Beauty in the Woods, and the Storybook, both have very happy folks heading our way.  Cedar Haven half acre should be the next to change ownership.

This morning I was remembering back in the days having 16 to 20 homes, cabins, or ranches for sale up here, with a bunch in escrow!  Today there are only SIX offerings on the MLS.    I have a cabin and a couple others waiting in the wings, only two pieces of land!  Both are reduced with power and phones underground to the property line.  We could use some new Ranches too as several buyers waiting in the wings are looking for large parcels.

Let’s talk about the possibilities!

BTW, it has been a lovely day up here with clouds rolling in and out. Now we are just waiting on some promised rain!


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