Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 28, 2014

Rain, beautiful Rain!

rain on palomar mountain  Yes, we woke to a beautiful rain on Palomar Mountain today. 

We live right on a main road that rarely has a car go by at night.  So, I sleep with a little ‘Sound Soother’ running for those times a motorcycle wizzes by after hours.  When I woke to the sound of the rain in the very early morning, I turned off the fan, opened the window wider, pulled the covers up and was lulled back to sleep in a minute.  I woke several hours later feeling so relaxed and refreshed.  Don’t you just love listening to the rain? 

And it is so fun to be out and about.  Checking on a couple new listings coming up, I found the wind is blowin’ rain sideways.   We had lunch at Mother’s Kitchen and ran into some locals who said the Observatory reported over 5 inches of rain before noon!  Gotta love this storm!  

Mother's Kitchen Don Phelps Cecilia Borland  Rain Day Bill Aanestad Palomar Mountain

Mother’s Kitchen is a great place to watch the storm!  Cowboy Don, and Cecilia Borland finished off the last of their coffee and tea.  As Bill Aanestad mentioned when he sent the pic this morning, looking off their deck, “Its a beautiful day to be indoors!”

Bonnie in-and-out-and-about-on the Mountain 


  1. I remember those cozy rainy days on the mountain. I can just feel, see and hear it now. Enjoy this wet blessing from Him.

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