Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | February 27, 2014

Looking for Palomar themed merchandise

What do you know of with a tie to Palomar?  Let’s see – Palomar Spring Water, Shirts and items from the Palomar General Store.  There are some great books on Palomar, but what else?  Suggestions for Rick are much appreciated!

From: Rick Barclay Subject: Looking for Palomar themed merchandise

I’m on the board of CALPA — an association of non-profits that support state parks. We’re having our conference in April and we’ll be having an auction to raise money. Every association donates something, ideally somehow tied in with their park or region. Last year we donated wine from Palomar winery in Temecula… just because of the Palomar name connection.

I’m not looking for a donation — but I am looking for ideas. Are you aware of any products that are made on Palomar (or even the reservations or Valley Center) or that pertain to Palomar or the region that might have some appeal to people outside the area? Has to be something someone could carry on a plane. Looking at $100 total, one item or a bundle of different items.



Rick Barclay   951-265-6385
Chairman ~ Friends of Palomar Mountain State Park Committee, CRSPIA
Board Member ~ California League of Park Associations
County Coordinator ~ Old-Growth Forest Network


  1. How about pine cones from our native Coulter Pines? They’ve got to be the world’s largest pine cones! Several people I know have been totally amazed and astonished at their size and their violent looks!

  2. There is a fishing knot called the “Palomar” knot, it is similar to tying a double square knot, often used to attach a hook to a line. I’m not sure of how it got its name though


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