Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 27, 2014

Recognize anyone?

Palomar Mountain people?

So curious if any of you might recognize someone in this photo.  Found it when cleaning out a cabin.  Nothing written on the back.  Thanks!


  1. Great photo! Good luck in your search. 🙂

    Palomar Mounta

  2. Looks like Bonnie Phelps sitting in the front!

    • Funny… Could be about the same era since I was an early 1050’s kid… 🙂

  3. Its You “Bonnie” the little girl!

    • I don’t think my bangs were ever that short!!! We’ll maybe they were 😉

  4. Bonnie, Sorry, I don’t recognize any one. By the way Bruce is putting the finishing touches on the history of Palomar Ranch. Mary C-T

    • Thank you Mary! Looking forward to your ranch history!

  5. I wish I could figure out who this group might be, but I don’t recognize anyone. Tried to identify the building behind them but no luck. It must have been in the 40’s, do you think?? We were on Palomar then but I can’t see a familiar face. Darn. Alicelynn Cockrill

    • Thank you for trying! Sure looks like it should be from Palomar but the slab of cement and grass is pretty fancy for this neck of the woods. Maybe the 1950’s? This is a lesson to identify and date your photos!

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