Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 17, 2014

Three Mountain Lions on Crestline!!!

Be on the lookout!  Three Mountain lions were in a yard on the north side of Crestline this morning about 7 am.  They got away with chickens in their mouths.  The mountain lions were very aggressive and not afraid of the people trying to scare them away from their livestock. If you see the Lions, you can call Fish and Game at  858-467-4201.


  1. It wasn’t a mother and two kittens…..not cubs, that’s bears….it was three full grown cats. I know, I was there.

  2. I agree that you do not call Fish and Game. If you set the table they will come to eat. We live in mountain lion territory and need to protect our animals properly. Here is a link to learn about living with mountain lions. You need a complete enclosure with 2 feet under ground to keep a lion from a chicken dinner. Coyotes also. Don’t punish them when we moved into their home.

  3. Hay, it was only a Mother and two cubs – just after breakfast.

    • Oh, how nice! Mom and her kids. Wish I cold have seen them. But if you call the authorities and complain, they will come out and kill them. Do we really want that?

  4. Nice to hear we still have significant wildlife on our mountain. We know we need to be vigilant and proactive in protecting ourselves and our animals, but we should also be proud to protect any lions as well as any bears who reside here with us. Just be careful and be smart. What a great and unique place Palomar is!

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