Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 10, 2014

George Doane from Peter’s Pen

Peter Brueggeman Palomar Mountain History

What a gift to all who love Palomar Mountain!  When this book-on-line of  George Doane’s history, arrived from Peter, I had to open and start reading immediately.  Known as one of the colorful characters of the early days on Palomar, I found it so interesting!  Twenty minutes later I scrolled to the bottom of the pdf to see how many pages!  Eighty four, well researched, and documented pages, with photos, and wonderful can’t-put-it-down stories.  I asked Peter to send us a photo of “the author”.   Thank you Peter!!! Many thanks to former cabin owners, Peter, and his wife Kathy, who supported her husband with his quest in writing about one of our early Palomar Pioneers, George Doane.  I think it needs to be published!    Thank you Peter!  With sincere gratitude from all the Mountain folks, Bonnie Phelps

From: Peter Brueggeman
Subject: George Doane biography available

I’ve researched and written a biography of “George Edwin Doane of Palomar Mountain”  and a PDF is available via direct URL at

It is also listed/linked in the BOOKS section of my Palomar Mountain History website at

My Doane biography aims to be comprehensive, and I researched materials held by the San Diego History Center, Escondido History Center, Escondido Public Library Pioneer Room, Montana State University Library, plus other resources and people, which are fully referenced. Thank you to those providing assistance. This Doane biography will be revised as new information becomes available to me. If you have material on George Doane, specifically recollections of those who knew or interacted with him, or photographs of him other than what you see in this biography, I’m very interested in seeing them.

…. Peter Brueggeman

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