Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 20, 2013

New Neighbors – Ron and Gwyn

When Gwyn Martz and Ron Leslie met, and discovered that their dogs were both named “Teddy”, they knew that to be a sign of good things to come!  Gwyn has been wanting a cabin on Palomar forever, envious of her friend Terri Sproul who gets to live in “Paradise”. Since escrow closed on Gwyn’s little treasure, she has had a permanent smile.  “How can you not smile with everyone so friendly, such great hiking, big, beautiful trees, and it is so peaceful and quiet?”  When she is not counting down the days for the completion of her next project, she works as an office manager, while Ron is with SDG&E, races cars, and is intrigued hearing that there may have recently been a Big Foot sighting back in hills up here.


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    It is a good picture. Like the story. See you soon on the mountain.


  2. I’m so happy for these new Palomar dwellers!

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