Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | October 15, 2013

New Neighbors don’t sit for long!

Wayne and Anne New Neighbors Palomar Mountain

After 7 stints in his heart, it was high time for Wayne to retire and slow down a bit.  He and Anne are one of those couples that I have shown cabins to several times over the years.  They take off in the summers and go to the Sierra’s, coming back with even a stronger desire for their very own piece of paradise that they can escape to more often.  When this cabin came up, I just knew their long wait had paid off.  Living in San Diego, Palomar Mountain is the perfect retreat.  A long walk in the woods, towering trees, the chorus of birds, and the sounds, and scent of the forest are right here within a short drive.  Ah, Paradise.  But, don’t let this photo fool you.  It is staged.  Wayne and Anne are one of those couples that love to be working around their cabin, keeping it pristine, enjoying every minute, or gladly helping friends with their cabin-to-do-lists.   Give them a warm welcome when you see them hiking Birch Hill, Crestline, and ’round the Mountain!

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