Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 5, 2013

Want a great Internet Service?

From: Jim Hamerly [mailto:jim at hamerly dot net]
Subject: Update to Internet access on Palomar Mountain

In 2007, we ran a survey of internet access methods.  Since then, I get frequent requests for updates on available services.  This is not a promotion nor do I benefit from this information, but just an update:  I now use Western Broadband ( and have been very happy with them.  Very reliable, inexpensive ($40/month for basic service which is 5  mb/sec – but I test faster than that), I think they are the best option if you have line of sight.  They use a small (~12″) dish that must have line-of-sight to one of their mountain top repeaters and will come to your location and determine if you can get signal.  Fred at Western Broadband 760 744 23o3

Jim Hamerly


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