Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 22, 2013

Pig on the Loose!

Dpigid you see this pig skate boarding on Palomar this morning?   I was totally minding my own business, oh, I know, that doesn’t happen too often, when I recognized a couple of vehicles parked at the Summit.

Electrician Mark Jones, and Connie Betterton, were waiting for someone from SDG&E so they could get rolling on a project.  While we were visiting, this pig appeared out of the back of Mark’s truck!  Mark said a friend made it, and it has been taking up space in his garage for years.  He thought since he has this job, back in the woods on Palomar, it would be fun to use this pig for target practice!  Can you imagine?  Of course I offered to rescue this pig!  And, it just so happened that we were right under the “Unique Gifts” sign at the General Store!!!  Thanks Mark!

But now the question comes up:  What should we do with this skateboarding pig?  I am going to need some help with that!

unique giftMeanwhile,  when you need an electrician, Mark loves coming up 760 908-6745.  Many thanks to Connie, our photographer, she is now back to work with the ‘Tim and Connie Cedar Show’ on Crestline.  George Ravenscroft was picking up his mail and just had to stop.  He thinks this pig has huge potential.

What are YOUR ideas for this pig?

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