Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | January 20, 2013

New Neighbors – Harrington Family

12th childThe Harrington family addition to Palomar really upped our population!  In fact, they could just about be their own town!  Their newest addition arrived several weeks early to Dan and Jill on December 28th, a son, Ciaran Joseph.  That makes 6 sons and 6 daughters! The timing turned out to be perfect because all of the family were in for Christmas, along with some girlfriends.  Their pic became quite a special Christmas card-to-remember!  When Dan and Jill first came up looking for a retreat they fell in love with the land and view. They are having a wonderful time planning a remodel using some of the cedar from their land that had burned in a fire. You can be sure the addition includes bunk rooms for all their growing family with room for lots of friends too. Dan spends his time during the week working for Teradata Corporation. Caring for their twelve children keeps Jill young and on her toes!  Such a fun family!  So glad to have them as neighbors on the mountain top.

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