Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | December 3, 2012

Shooting on Palomar

Hear the gun shots yesterday?  Several people mentioned that they heard a lot of rapid shooting on Saturday coming from the Canfield Road area.  I was visiting the AK Ranch – the new owners of the property that was formerly the Girl Scout Camp.  It wasn’t them!  Someone was shooting right next door on the National Forest property.  But you could also hear it at Bailey’s and up on Crestline.

As many of you know, shooting is allowed on much of the land on Palomar (not in the housing areas).  Depending on where you are on the mountain, some of the topography makes it seem even louder a distance away.  I know most property owners want to be very considerate of their neighbors.  I’m sure those guys on National Forest were having a great time but we’re thankful they ran out of bullets.

That’s the latest!


  1. If there is target shooting on the National Forest, the Forest Service should be notified as it is illegal to target shoot on the Cleveland National Forest except in designated areas – none of which are located on Palomar Mountain.

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