Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | June 22, 2010

Community Center Website

 Would you like to schedule a gathering at the Community Center? Do you need to know when our next meeting or fundraising event will be? Want to see photos of our previous events? Need to contact your Board of Directors? Your CCPM Board of Directors has been working diligently to provide Palomar residents and community members with up to date information about the new Community Center of Palomar Mountain. The picture above, is a sneak peek at our new Community Center website. Direct your browser to  This website is not a subscription site, so you don’t need to provide your email or any personal information to access it. We hope this site will become your one-stop-shop for everything Community Center related. Take a look now and don’t forget to bookmark it and check back often. The site is constantly being updated with new information being added almost daily, with all you need to know about the Center and Community related topics.

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