Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 27, 2010

Meet the Love of Your Life? Absolutely!


Once upon a time Rick Palmer and Linda Johnson found themselves at a Square Dance on Palomar Mountain.  Months later I visited with them at a party and saw the fireworks between them.  “Wow!”  I said to myself, “I betcha Linda is going to marry this guy!”  Sure enough! Romance blossomed and they were married out in the French Valley on a beautiful day last May 2nd sernaded by Dutch Bergman on his guitar.  This  weekend will be their one year anniversary!  It got me to thinkin’ that there are LOTS of reasons that you might want to be at the Palomar Mountain Community Center this Saturday!  Here are just a few:

1. Meet the Love of your Life – Looking for the love of your life?  Well, even if you are not – you never know!  It worked for Rick and Linda!

2. Bring the Love of your Life to a very fun Date Night for you, your sweetie and your kids.

3. Listen to Music – you don’t HAVE to dance, you know.  The music is foot-tappin’ wonderful! For the past three decades or so, Dutch-the-Wedding-Singer, has been part of the Smith Mountain Band with Bill Druliner, Steve Barry, and Bruce Druliner calling the Square Dancing. 

4.  Learn to Square Dance – For those of you who haven’t square danced since the fourth grade on one of those rainy days when they kept us inside for PE… Mountain Man Bruce makes it real simple by walking folks through “bow to your partner” and all the rest.

5. Fill up on some tasty desserts!  Mountain folks are bringing their all-time favorite recipes.  The desserts will be auctioned off to eat at your table or take home for later.  One thing for sure – there will be some GOOD eatin’!

6. Help support the Community Center!  All proceeds for the evening go toward the on-going operating expenses of the Palomar Mountain Community Center that will be appreciate for decades to come.

7. Meet some great folks and have a wonderful, old fashioned time! 

Oh, by the way, Kilts are optional!

See you Saturday, 7 pm at the Fire Station, weather permitting $5.00 per person, kids are free! 

Bonnie Phelps

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