Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | March 23, 2010

State Park Survey due March 31

 Mountain residents might be interested in filling out this survey regarding state parks before March 31.   Rosemary Johnston

Be a Part of Creating Excellence for State Parks!  You might be interested in responding to this survey about what you would like to see in State Parks. It would be good to mention that you would like to see the system adequately funded and expanding to accomodate our expanding population and to protect our unique natural resources and historic resources from expanding development and infrastructure.

Subject: Be a Part of Creating Excellence for State Parks!  Click for survey info and message from California State Parks Foundation:

Dear Park Supporters,

You received an email earlier this month announcing the State Park Excellence Project, a new statewide effort that asks Californians what they think excellence in California’s state parks should look like.  We officially kicked off the project by launching a statewide, online survey (a Spanish language version of the survey is available here) that asks Californians to share their thoughts on amenities and services they wish to see in state parks, barriers to park access, the primary purpose of California’s state park system, and more.  More information about the Project is available on our web site.

The survey is closing March 31st, so I’m urging you if you haven’t already taken the survey or circulated the survey to your extended network, please do so now and help us here from more Californians. We truly want to have a deep and wide cross-section of Californians participate, and appreciate your participation and help in getting the word out.  Attached is a sample email message for your organization to send to your own network to encourage them to participate as well.

Thank you again for your support, and if you have ideas or comments about how we can maximize outreach for this project, please contact Kate Litzky at or 916-442-2119.

Thank you,


Traci Verardo-Torres
Vice President, Government Affairs

California State Parks Foundation
1510 J Street, Suite 120
Sacramento, CA 95814
TEL: 916.442.2119
FAX: 916.442.2809

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