Posted by: Bonnie Phelps | April 23, 2022

New Neighbor James Everette

Palomar Mountain is really blessed to have a police officer who also calls this mountain ‘Home’.

James works in law enforcement for the San Diego Community College District. He is out there investigating and doing his best to keep the students safe. You are much appreciated James!

When I asked him why he just had to have a home on Palomar he explained that he remembers such good times being on the mountain. His family camped in the State Park many times and he and his brother have such great memories of their times on Palomar. James also admitted that he was “one of the crazy blokes that drove my motorcycle up the mountain every weekend”. He loves everything about Palomar with the fresh air, dark skies, tall trees and his dream of fixing up his cabin to eventually be his retirement home.

Welcome James, we mountain folks Back the Blue and are so glad to have you!


  1. Welcome James.

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